Enviro-Friendly Rubber Ramps

The perfect recycled rubber ramp can be made for virtually all steps or tripping points.


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Our recycled rubber ramps can help make your home or shop safe and compliant for disabled access.


Bespoke rubber ramps can be made to suit your environment with level platforms, tapering sides or raised curbs for safety. We also offer aluminium handrails for larger ramps if required.

For more help, contact the team on 0800 436 773 or use the form below to send us your details and specifications.

Measuring Your Doorway

Our ramps are designed to last a lifetime, so it's vital to take care when measuring your doorways. If the doorway opens out over the ramp, it is really important to leave a 5-10mm clearance so the door doesn't jam when opening. Be sure to measure the heights at various points along the width of the door as not all doorways are level.  You may wish to use our template when drawing a plan for the ramp - it clearly states what measurements we need.  Print this out and scan the plan back to us once you have measured the doorway.

Rubber Ramp Plan - PDF

Can you measure my door for a rubber ramp?

If you are unable to measure the door yourself, have you tried asking a family member or neighbor to help? We may be able to stop by and take a few measurements, however this may cost extra depending on the urgency and your location. Contact us to find out if we are scheduled to be in your area.

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We will need some information about the ramp to give you an accurate price or start an order.  Fill in your details below and leave the rest to us.  

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Step 2: Submit your Measurements


You can write as much info as necessary in the boxes below or reference to details in an attached plan.

Try to keep all measurements in a similar format, we use and prefer millimeters (mm) as standard.

Standard Dimensions:Standard Dimensions

For square sided ramps like the image above, this is all the info we require. 

Head to the bottom of this page to attach plans if required and hit submit to send.

Tapered Sides:

Tapered Sides

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