Rubber Threshold Ramps

Standard Threshold Ramps

Our standard threshold ramps come in a convenient range of sizes to fit most applications.  Available off the shelf, we can ship via overnight courier to most areas in New Zealand.

Ranch Slider Ramps

The Ranch slider ramps have a square base and tapered sides and are designed to fit up to the lower edge of aluminium sliding doors and joinery.  We can also custom make the ranch slider ramps to offer the smoothest transition possible for any sized doors, inside or out. 

Easy Axcess Ramps

Small in size and big on versatility, the Easy Axcess portable rubber ramps are a great solution for portable ramping.  Light weight and durable, take them wherever you go.  Available in four easy step heights, sold as a pair.

Quick Steps

The quick steps are designed to break up a single big step, into a series of consistent height smaller steps. Steps can be purchased in two sizes, with tread heights of 50mm (2inch) or 100mm (4inch.) These are then added together to achieve the desired height.